BCB Partners specializes in delivering a wide scope of interim management and financial advisory CFO level services to VC funded and early stage high-tech companies during their startup phase.

BCB Partners is owned and operated by Bonnie C. Badertscher. Bonnie has over 20 years of experience working with companies implementing their financial, accounting and business management needs. Most companies are exploiting their skills in the R&D and marketing areas, and do not want to invest during their early stages in a CFO or financial services manager. This is where BCB Partners steps in to provide you with these needs that must be met. We do this on an interim/project basis giving you control over how much time and money you want to invest.

We work closely with you to examine your company goals and objectives and will then provide you with solid advice, planning and services to ensure that these goals and objectives are successfully achieved.

Spending the last 20 years working with startup and/or software firms has given BCB Partners a comprehensive understanding of a company's special needs. It takes experience to understand today's market and how it has evolved. You can only get that experience from companies which have lived and offered solutions during this time of evolution. BCB Partners offers that experience and our track record speaks for itself. Since beginning, BCB Partners has helped a large number of companies successfully move toward their next phase. Visit the client page to view a list of clients and testimonials.

In summary, BCB Partners will:

  • Successfully examine your goals and objectives
  • Offer sound consulting, planning and services to put these goals and objectives into place
  • Implement and manage financial processes and procedures
  • Offer you high level CFO service
  • Save you TIME and MONEY
  • Move you to the NEXT phase; generating revenue