"Bonnie Badertscher is an invaluable source of help for early stage companies.  Not only does she act quickly and get control of the company's finances, she does it in the most efficient manner possible.  She is a terrific team player.  Her experience working with early stage companies truly helps the CEO make better decisions."

Dave Carver
CEO, HiFive.net

"I have found working with Bonnie to be a real time saver for me. She is knowledgeable in most areas of finances including capital equipment lines, term loans, managing accounts payable, board of director reporting and establishing best control practices.  She is always responsive to the needs of my companies and has provided great leadership in the financing category for our startups."

Susan Mason
General Partner, Onset Ventures

"I had the pleasure to work with Bonnie when she was part-time CFO of one of our early stage portfolio companies. She has excellent contacts at banks, leasing companies and law firms.  Her understanding of VC terms and thought processes made it very easy to communicate with her.   She was good at coaching management in the difficult balance of spending vs. revenue growth and  produced realistic financial forecasts.  Bonnie's honesty and integrity were impeccable.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to our portfolio companies."

Kip Myers
Red Rock Ventures

"A startup is a fragile entity in need of mature guidance.  During this phase, financial management can best be addressed by an interim financial services firm.  This resource helps the founding team address its fiscal responsibilities, as well as providing services for a multitude of routine tasks.  One of the most capable Interim Financial Executives that I know is Bonnie Badertscher.

Bonnie and I worked closely at Glimmerglass Networks during its formative stage. As my right hand for financial matters, Bonnie was always proactive, anticipating growth related challenges and keeping the management team informed.  From organization planning and forecasts, to payroll and benefits, Bonnie and her staff provided results that we could depend upon.  With the myriad of issues facing a startup, I could always rest assured that financial matters were in good hands."

Barry H. Soloway
Chief Operating Officer, Glimmerglass Networks